The Judge

To the people of Glynn County and the rest of Georgia,

This Court turns to the CASA volunteer advocates as a direct source of information regarding any child involved in deprivation proceedings. I have found CASAs to be diligent and professional in their activities, and are willing to think ‘outside the box’ when difficult situations arise requiring creative thought and problem solving.

CASAs have assisted in finding putative fathers, as well as extended family and kinship resources. They bring information directly from school teachers and social workers, helping to give the Court an all-round picture of the children and their situations. CASA volunteers work well with other agencies helping to facilitate needed services for the children.

The CASA Glynn volunteers speak for the child in court, help to protect the child from insensitive questioning, and objectively report information to assist the Court in determining the best interests of the child, based on sound research. CASA reports are clear, professionally organized and empathetic to the situations at hand.

CASA is a wonderful example of how ordinary citizens can contribute to the healthy future of our children and our communities.

Honorable George M. Rountree
Juvenile Court Judge
Glynn County, Georgia